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We are ready to go that extra mile with you and want you to expect more from us than just our great product range! Our Distribution Partner Guidelines show suggested timings and a step-by-step framework from the introduction to the market to enable continuous sales success with SHAZAY. You can benefit from both our best practices as well as our expertise. Our trainers will assist you and your team both on your premises and at our SHAZAY Center of Excellence.

Additionally, we give you access to our digital training tool in our Distribution Partner Portal. We teach the latest hairstyling

techniques and offer online training sessions for your sales and marketing teams. However, the additional services make us unique: The Distribution Partner Portal provides extensive templates of sales and marketing material for your further use. Of course, all marketing and promotional material can be ordered also online from us directly.

In order to map out an ideal sales process, SHAZAY additionally provides a tool for Customer Relationship Management available to you at (prime) cost. Together, we will grow and prosper as a brand. If you are interested, then we would be happy to offer our expertise, advice and support.


let your hair shine bright like a diamond-
beautiful and always in style, like diamonds in the sky.